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Grapevine Magazine is designed to reach an educated audience between the approximate ages of 30-65 with an above average household income and diverse cultural interests.
Distribution is one of our greatest strengths with an excellent balance between the paid and the free to pick up. Distribution into the Globe and Mail and Ottawa Citizen presents advertising content to a discerning and discriminating audience attracted to investment shopping opportunities.
For free to pick up distribution, our distinctive racks identified with the front cover image (changed quarterly) attract attention and prove to be a highly successful mechanism for distribution to a discerning audience.
A very regular cycle of replenishment is in effect by our in-house team, and because we print more copies than our competition, Grapevine Magazine is available for a greater period of time to our advertisers’ benefit.


*Visit art galleries and one of a kind shows
*Attend theatrical productions and concerts
*Visit wineries and craft breweries
*Dine out frequently or entertain at home
*Visit book stores and visit literary festivals


Copies of Grapevine Magazine are typically located at LCBOs, wineries, libraries, art galleries, high end supermarkets, specialty food stores, fine furniture stores, antique shops, cultural venues, farmers’ markets and professional offices.


30/35000 per issue


150,000 per issue


Class leading print run at 30/35,000 copies in high quality paper stock
In-house distribution from Oshawa to Kingston. Additional distribution with the Globe and Mail and Ottawa Citizen which takes your message to a wider audience.
Distinctive racks sport each new front cover encouraging highest pick up rate. Racks are very regularly topped up.
Instantly recognizable front cover featuring local restaurants promoting the local economy, contributes to a very high pick up rate. A broad range of relevant on point content is widely appreciated by our target audience.
Our audience is economically active with eclectic cultural interests valuing the original, the unique and the one of a kind.
Grapevine Magazine promotes unique businesses to a wide audience looking for new destination and shopping experiences.
Grapevine Magazine is a small locally owned independent publication committed to promoting the attributes of the region we serve.


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